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Professional Soccer Athletic Trainers' Society (PSATS) is an organization made up of active Certified Athletic Trainer's and Canadian Athletic Therapist that currently work in Major League Soccer. Individually these men and women care for the health and safety of the players for the 20 teams. Collectively this group strives to reduce the incident of injury, learn new techniques in the field, reduce time lost due to injury, increase performance and recovery on and off the field.

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Jul 11, 2017
Posted by: KSherry

ACL injuries can be devastating to a soccer players competitive season. For this reason, reputable medical institutions like the Cincinnati Sportsmedicine Foundation and Santa Monica Orthopedics have designed and published ACL prevention protocols. These programs focus on preventing injuries and enhancing athletic performance. The concentration of these programs is placed on stretching, strengthening, plyometrics, and agilities. The following article will discuss important concepts in preventing ACL injuries, and make recommendations for implementing prevention into your teams training.

Jul 4, 2017
Posted by: KSherry

Tightly wrapping a muscle/tendon, joint, or all at the same time with an overlapping rubber floss band (usually latex, approximately 2″x7′) compresses the underlying tissue.  The wrapped area is taken through a full range of motion (ROM) using open chain movements, followed by closed chain functionally specific movements.

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10-01-2016 09:00
Final day of league meetings at MLS Combine today for @PSATS_MLS members.
09-01-2016 12:08
Craig Devine, Head ATC of @ColumbusCrewSC continues the lower extremity lecture by presenting a case study: In-Season High Ankle Sprain
09-01-2016 11:51
@SportingKC Head ATC @kennytaro gets the afternoon discussion going with an Achilles injury case presentation
09-01-2016 11:24
09-01-2016 09:47
Reintegration to Sports Post-Concussion is being discussed by @evanballen Head ATC for @NERevolution

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